Welcome to the Web. This short and unusual word reflects everything that the Internet is today. Online stores, search engines, online libraries, personal blogs, file and data storage, forums, photo galleries and much more — this is part of our world. Here everyone can appear as whoever they want and demonstrate their achievements.

And if you are thinking about your presence on the Internet, as a company, or simply want to get a culinary blog, then you should know that you are entering a path that can equally lead you to both success and obscurity.

This will largely depend on the right choice of a design studio that can not only develop a website design, but also can carry out all the technical work necessary.
After all, even to simply fill a website content, you need to be able to work with interfaces of content management systems (CMS) and know what technical requirements exist for images and texts that you want to share with the world.

You are planning to add some graphics on your website and look how many questions arise:

  • where to get images for the website?
  • what format are the images needed for the website?
  • what to put on the main page?
  • is it possible to use a photo of a neighbor?
  • is it possible to “borrow” a photo from an excellent article?
  • why does my gallery take so long to load?

In addition to all these and other obvious questions, such as service of websites based on a template or setting up email for the domain you purchased, you should also be concerned about the prospect of popularizing your resource. You don’t want to just spend money on a website, but invest in creating a web resource that will help you to find new clients and increase your popularity. Great! This problem is solved by the right combination of search engine optimization for the website and Internet marketing.

This stage in the life of your new brainchild will be the most expensive. After all, it is necessary to improve its strengths, create high-quality content, develop social activity and much more. This will allow your web resource to exist and flourish in the Internet space. And you must be prepared for this.

RunCatRun design studio has many years of successful experience in a variety of web projects. We will help you to avoid malinvestments in ineffective tools and find your path to success.