Try to imagine a company or brand that you trust. First of all, you remember those of them that have the most consistent and well-developed corporate style. Many people believe that corporate identity is limited to a recognizable logo that represents the quality of services and company values to customers. However, this is only part of a thoughtful and comprehensive corporate identity. A well-developed visual brand concept conveys individuality and is part of the marketing strategy.

The logo, brand colors, mission statement, website and how your company presents itself to customers go a long way to ultimately showcasing the best visual expression of your business.

The development of a corporate identity begins with the selection of a corporate name. It is important to remember that no matter what the company is called, its popularity among customers and the trust of partners is primarily determined by the quality of the product and services provided, meaning productive and  diligent work over a long period of time. A correctly chosen brand name is not a panacea, but one of the ways to ease your difficult path to success.

As for the logo, it is the main visual component of the corporate identity. And is placed on products, websites, branded promotional and commercial print products. It should be consistent with the fonts, corporate colors and general design style that the company uses. No logo works when surrounded by a chaos of inconsistent graphics or incompatible fonts. For example, Apple’s corporate identity is not just a logo. The surrounding space, matte silver surfaces, inscriptions that may be absent altogether and general minimalism. Due to this, the company stands out among its competitors, and its products become recognizable.

A thoughtful brand identity like this benefits a company in a variety of ways. By investing in the development of corporate style, you convey a positive signal to the client: “We care about our reputation, form and content.” This is a sign of longevity that is attractive to customers and desirable to potential investors. An indicator that the company is seriously focused on success and is reliable.

Following brand identity standards in all aspects is a key component to creating a strong impression. Everything associated with the company must be thoughtful and exude professionalism, show a high level of organization, stand out from competitors and inspire confidence in customers. A thoughtful corporate identity conveys the ideals, motives and goals of the company. And its result is that the company is recognizable, respected and remembered.

When a client picks up your brochure or business card, the slightest detail can ruin the impression. Therefore, all attributes of the company’s corporate identity are made in accordance with a specially developed guide to the use of corporate identity (guideline). It records corporate colors and fonts, what paper advertising products are printed on, the location of graphic elements, employee uniforms, the external decoration of stores or offices, including furniture, and the appearance of product packaging. In general, anything that maintains visual continuity and recognition of the company and ensures that the customer’s first impression is clear and consistent.

In addition to the guideline or corporate style guide, a brand book is usually developed. This is an overview document containing the history of the brand, its position, mission and values. Typically, this document is developed for internal use and is intended to help new employees understand the brand and philosophy of the company as a whole.

Branding goals:

  • create a unified and clear visual representation of the company, its divisions, services, products, brands;
  • present the company to the consumer as professional, reliable and modern;
  • effectively use brand equity and consistently standardize visuals across all media sources.

Armed with all the accumulated experience and professional knowledge of our specialists, we can help you create the most attractive image. The estimated cost of our services for developing a corporate identity, depending on the complexity of your project, is presented in the “Prices” section.