Bank transfer

An invoice for payment by bank transfer is generated by the manager when submitting an order and sent to the e-mail specified by the client. The account is valid for 5 (five) banking days from the account date while maintaining the exchange rate difference throughout the entire period within 5% (five percent).

Please check that the payer and recipient details are correct.

Check the payment order (p/o)


  • Address
  • Full name
  • Passport details

Legal entities

  • TIN
  • OGRN
  • Legal address
  • Bank details (registration account, BIC, bank account)

The invoice can be paid at a branch of your bank or Sberbank of Russia. When paying through a bank, a transaction fee may apply.

After paying for the order by bank transfer, please contact the manager to confirm receipt of payment and transfer of the order to work.

For legal entities:

You can receive the originals of closing documents at the company’s office or we will send them by mail. In Moscow, documents can be delivered by courier.